NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder

NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder 1.0

An anti-spam program to encode your online email addresses to stop spammers
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Today, many people and businesses have several web pages and blogs on the Internet to promote their products and services; and if you're one of them you may have noticed that your inbox is receiving a high volume of mail from people and web sites that you did not personally contact nor give your email address to. Of course, your websites and blogs display an email address so that people interested in your business can contact you, and this is the email address that spammers use to send you unsolicited mail. Such people use robots and spiders to search for e-mail addresses on Internet web pages, but NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder can encode your e-mail addresses into a format that these robots and spiders cannot understand, but that people and web browsers can.

This useful anti-spam encoder features copy and paste from or to your clipboard and has a Mailto wizard. You can encode multiple files with it and scan subdirectories. A small program, it won't use up much of your system resources. The program also backs up your encoded files, uses HTML encoding, and it will stop spammers from using your e-mail addresses at source.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Will reduce spam mail volume


  • Website doesn't state Windows version requirements
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